In the early 1980’s the then foreign office employed Arne Treholt was convicted for espionage and the handing over of government secrets to Russia, for which he served 10 years behind the bars.

Take a look at this page to see how his resume looks :-). It is obvious that this is the CV of a man who masters the art of omission – as well as that of inclusion.

Upon seeing this CV, a thing I read from a conference flyer in 2002 comes to my mind:

Mr Treholt who to my knowledge now is a respectable business man working out of Cyprus, (and who in my humble opinion probably did not tell anyone anything they didn’t already know), was invited to speak at a conference close to where I live (Årdal).

As is the custom the conference flyer was boasting of its  invited speakers and their professional and political backgrounds.

About Mr Treholt it said:

…he was among the first to realise the growing potential of the new and exciting markets in Russia.

It says a lot about someone – mostly about the people organizing the conference!

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