Eg svara idag på ei spørjegransking på Internett. Til eitt av spørsmåla var det fire svaralternativ: […]
Downloaded and installed the long awaited Windows Mobile 6 update for HTC-branded TyTN phones today. At […]
It shouldn’t be humanly possible, and yet I have managed to do it! Within a span […]
Dear Bastard, You may be surprised to read this letter as we haven’t formally been introduced […]
I am currently sitting in the very back of a conference room with about 170 attendees. […]
I am looking for a particularly powerful file deletion utility to wipe the remains of this […]
After having discussed the topic of “damaging” films with a friend a while ago I came […]
Apparently I am hereby approved a lump sum pay of 685,000.00 Eruos (SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY […]
Like sikkert som det er vinter, vår, sommar eller haust er det stengt i Fatlaberget Kvar […]
Gjekk gjennom Galleri Oslo i dag, hovudstaden sin største busstasjonen. Har sjeldan sett så mange bistre […]