❤🇧🇪 It may not be an Iguaçu, a Victoria or a Murchison, but the Belgian waterfall is alive and well. And, in a country with virtually no elevation difference, the very existence of waterfalls is something to be taken note of.

To be sure, these are not for those who measure waterfalls by cubic metres per second or height of the drop. But for people, like me, who long for the soothing view—and sound—of a gentle stream making its way down a hill, Belgium has just the cure.

The ‘greatest’ waterfalls in Belgium, the Cascade du Bayehon, lies on the southern slope of the East Belgian highland, near the village of Longfaye.

Cascade de Bayehon, Longfaye, East-Belgium

The Internet states that this waterfall has a drop of nine meters. If that is true, my six-year-old son is nearly three meters tall. That would surprise me, but who am I to say.

In any case, let me not fret about technicalities. It is a waterfall; a unique, adequately sized and impeccably shaped waterfall.

Second to, below—nor indeed above—any other waterfall.

This photo concludes my end-of-the-year photo-tribute to Belgium. I have found places here that soothes all my longing for Norwegian nature, and much else besides that is unique to Belgium.

The eight places I’ve chosen to share, have in some way, shape or form lifted my spirits this year. Through the many interactions I have enjoyed with you, I have learned of more places; places that are sure to contribute to the beauty of life in Belgium in years to come.

From incoming Christmas and New Year greetings, I notice that many are happy to see the end of 2020. I, too, am glad to cast off this year’s shackles, but not to throw out the good with the evil.

This year’s extraordinary circumstances gave me the ‘push’ I needed to explore attractions closer to home, and I have found these to be many and bountiful. My eyes have been opened to a wealth of beauty, formerly hidden from me by my ignorance, and for that, I shall be eternally grateful.

So, goodbye, 2020, I shall remember you. Hello, 2021, I hope you bring good things with you.

Scenes to remember Belgium in 2020 by as 2021 stands on the doorstep

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