Kven: Harald (Slettvoll), Øyvind (Heimset Larsen) og meg sjølv Kva: Bil- og fjelltur i Alpane Kvar: […]
A recent study trip with Avinet’s “corporate mother”, Asplan Viak, took me to Berlin in the […]
Described by Luther as being “in the center of the center of Germany”, Erfurt is the […]
The German capital lies on both banks of the river Spree where it has grown out […]
Hannover (Germany) 2005 The ultimate technology experience is undoubtedly the CeBIT fair in Hannover. In 2005 […]
Bremen (Germany) – 2/2004 I may have said it before, but it deserves repeating. Go to […]
Bremen (Germany) A rather brief visit to Bremen on business didn’t allow for great travel experiences. […]
Hamburg, Cuxhaven & Bremen (Germany) Allthough the Germans are open minded and friendly people I can’t […]
The problem arose when we started looking for our hotel. Ivar Petter and me decided after […]