Kven: Harald (Slettvoll), Øyvind (Heimset Larsen) og meg sjølv Kva: Bil- og fjelltur i Alpane Kvar: Munchen, Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgaden, Gosau, Hallstattersee, Bischofshofen, Bad-Gastein, Heiligenblut, Grossglockner, Krimml, Zillertal, Neuschwanstein, Munchen Når: Juni 2009 Utsikt vestover frå Kehlstein Haus nær Berchtesgaden Dagen starta uvanleg tidleg i baksetet på ei drosje i Abu Dhabi, den heldt fram […]
A recent study trip with Avinet’s “corporate mother”, Asplan Viak, took me to Berlin in the company of about 60 merry colleagues. Following a similar experience in Turin, Italy, last year my expectations were split. Happy, as always, when thinking of the opportunity to enjoy evenings out in good company – but at the same […]
Described by Luther as being “in the center of the center of Germany”, Erfurt is the captial of the State of Thuringia in the former East Germany. Founded in year 742 it now is home to about 200 000 citizens distributed over an area of 269 square kilometres. Erfurt has the feel of a medieval […]
The German capital lies on both banks of the river Spree where it has grown out of the settlement of Cölln founded in 1237. The city is now home to about 3 385 000 (2000) citizens spread over an area of 890 square kilometres. Germans love cars, something which puts a definitive mark on the […]
Hannover (Germany) 2005 The ultimate technology experience is undoubtedly the CeBIT fair in Hannover. In 2005 this means car navigation systems, mobile phones, smart mobile phones, incomprehensible corporate solutions for which it is almost impossible to envisage any use case and memory keys. Thousands and thousands of memory keys in all shapes and colours. [ […]
Bremen (Germany) – 2/2004 I may have said it before, but it deserves repeating. Go to Bremen. Go to Bremen now. Being completely ignored by Norwegians as a tourist destination it is a gold mine of a city. The two last weeks of October the people of Bremen celebrate at the Freimarkt – comemorting Bremen’s […]
Bremen (Germany) A rather brief visit to Bremen on business didn’t allow for great travel experiences. It did however allow for one of my repetitive but nontheless serious misjudgements. Even though I acted in the right spirits, what initially seemed to be a brilliant idea proved to be incredibly streneous, as it has proven itself […]
Hamburg, Cuxhaven & Bremen (Germany) Allthough the Germans are open minded and friendly people I can’t help but think that the sight of me and Ivar Petter cycling un slightly undersized bikes in our slightly oversized suits must have been the single most stupid sight to be seen in northern Germany in the summer of […]
The problem arose when we started looking for our hotel. Ivar Petter and me decided after a brief logic reasoning session that easts was probably “that” way and we set out in look for the hotel. Now – have you ever wondered where prostitutes go after retirement from Reperbahn? Well – I know now; they […]