“Pygméar” er eit ord som vert nytta for å skildre medlemmer av stammar i sentral-Afrika der […]
Came across this wonderful list of ways to tick off your colleagues at work or other […]
I spotted the ‘Clothes Drier’ at an electric appliance store the other day. This aptly named […]
While scouting for something to make the removal of leftover bread crumbs from fundamentally useless irish […]
As exotic problems go, my horizon was significantly broadened after a recent visit to Laoise County […]
I have come up a (theoretical) alternative to dieting. It should be fool-proof and builds on […]
In the 1930’s during the excavation of a village near Baghdad, archeologists encountered a battery – […]
Statsvitar Erling Dokk Holm identifiserte i dag det Sogndal kommune har slite med i lang tid. […]
On thursday 17th of March 2005, the worst case of tooth ache I ever felt kicked […]
When you really want to celebrate! There are events and occasions in life that calls for […]