View from the ascent to Scafell Pike from Wasdale, overlooking Wastwater and the Cumbrian coast on the horizon. This years fishing trip was destined for the Cumbrian mountains in North-Western England, making it the third of our fishing trips abroad, succeeding trips to the highlands of Scotland and to Connemara in Western Ireland. The original […]
Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne has a population of 266 000 inhabitants (2006) distributed over roughly 112 square kilometres. The settlement dating way back to the romans, the city owes its name to a castle built by the Normans in the year 1080. Locals […]
London (England) 2005 A study trip in a standardization project brought me to London in the company of some excellent people with whom the evenings passed easily. This trip will reside in my memory as the trip when we ultimately ended up in seriously gay, non-hetero sexual venues every single night. Why? Nobody knows. [ […]
California Hotel on Belgrove Street has done it. It is much likely the smallest and least comfortable hotel room in the northern hemisphere. Owing to the gloomy atmosphere of Kings Cross Station after nightfall it can’t boast very impressive surroundings either. All in all a most unagreeable place; except for the wallet which might find […]
Cranshaw & Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin, Wicklow Mts & Port Laoise (Ireland) As we drew nearer Cranshaw Farm Cottages, the amount of dead pheasants in the road increased inversely proportionally to the distance between the houses. In my mind dangerously close to the prefect setting, this was not the outskirts of nowhere – this was in […]
London and Oxford (England) A bed with walls, that is the best description of my hotel room. Although not a suitable venue for space consuming activities such as standing up or sitting the hotel was an excellent base for the trip. London London is is busy, it is grand and it is splendid in many […]
London, Brighton & Cambridge (England) After a day of strolling the parks around the Cambridge colleges I sat down in a decent looking pub to have a meal. While waiting for my Chicken Tikka Masala i downed three pints of Strongbow Cider in order to reinstate a healthy water balance… Another two followed during the […]
Keen to explore the English Riviera I had booked tickets for Brighton since this is an ideal base for touring the coast and a pleasant spot to enjoy the sea.
Brighton beach was positively crowded with people. By the time we had made our way down to the seafront and gotten into the water we heard the first strike of thunder. In shorter than no time the beach was empty except two norwegians who couldn’t find anywhere to get dressed without getting everything completely wet […]