View from the ascent to Scafell Pike from Wasdale, overlooking Wastwater and the Cumbrian coast on […]
Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne […]
London (England) 2005 A study trip in a standardization project brought me to London in the […]
California Hotel on Belgrove Street has done it. It is much likely the smallest and least […]
Cranshaw & Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin, Wicklow Mts & Port Laoise (Ireland) As we drew nearer Cranshaw […]
London and Oxford (England) A bed with walls, that is the best description of my hotel […]
London, Brighton & Cambridge (England) After a day of strolling the parks around the Cambridge colleges […]
Keen to explore the English Riviera I had booked tickets for Brighton since this is an […]
Brighton beach was positively crowded with people. By the time we had made our way down […]