Before 2007 I wasn’t much of a TV-series person. My schedule didn’t really allow me to follow a specific time slot every week for a prolonged amount of time. Then came full season DVDs, downloadable TV-recordings and Internet TV; a series addict was born. Since then I have seen a respectable amount of series, some […]
The character Doc Wilson in the film State and Maine introduced the world to the ill-forged statement: “never trust a man in a bow tie”. This entirely baseless statement has since been embraced by all those who due to lack of ability are forced to wear regular neck ties or, worse still, cannot even manage […]
These are eleven comedies that I feel comfortable recommending! O’ brother where art thou: a modern take on the Odyssey Four weddings and a funeral: the hassles of getting married or not Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery: James Bond gone hippie Austin Powers – The Spy who Shagged me: Who does number two […]
Recommending films is always difficult as I may ultimately be held accountable for wasting two hours out of someones life. Although a risky business, recommendations can tell you something significant about the person who gives the recommendation. Hence, I put a few recommendations up on my blog. Hearts in Atlantis Simon Birch Finding Neverland Million […]
I am looking for a particularly powerful file deletion utility to wipe the remains of this tragic movie off the hard drive my media center PC. Do not under any circumstances allow yourself to be tricked into seeing this film. Even the longest of life spans doesn’t allow for this utter and complete waste. I […]
After having discussed the topic of “damaging” films with a friend a while ago I came up with three films that I find likely to cause a bad effect on unsuspecting people. These are: Salo or the 120 days of Sodom Sweet Movie Caligula I believe the world wouldn’t have been a worse place had […]
Ever since watching a Friends episode where they passed reference to a “swedish documentary” by the name of “Good Will Humping” I have wanted to find a list of titles of regular movies that have been ripped off by this industry. However – I have never quite felt comfortable searching for such information. Today I […]