I 2001 då eg fyrste gong møtte Shankar planla vi at eg ein dag skulle vitje han på heimebane i Hyderabad i India. Shankar kallar byen Hyderabad “heime” men er eigentleg frå ein “landsby” med namnet Vijayawada nær 300 km aust-søraust om Hyderabad. Med sine usle 1,048,240 innbyggjarar er ikkje denne “grenda” stor nok til […]
GIS training courses in ten minutes? A new series of fact sheets from claims teach you GIS as well as various system and process modeling techniques in only ten minutes. Perhaps. While some more time might be required for thorough understanding of this comprehensive topic, the fact sheets are quite informative and would be […]
Ein liten amerikanar, ein stor nordmann og ein liten ukrainar… Eit lite stykke Norplan! Det har snart gått eitt år sidan eg la ut frå Sogndal for ein to-vekers tur til Abu Dhabi for å sjå om eg kunne bidra med noko på grunnkartleggingsprosjektet som Norplan arbeidde med der for Abu Dhabi Kommune. Eg har […]
A brief visist to London in the end of June to attend the kick-off meeting of the EuropeanaLocal project at Regents College. On the negative side: Etihad was considerably less nice on this leg than I’ve become accustomed to from my previous flights with them travelling from Brussels to Abu Dhabi. Any basket is likely […]
Moské med forgylt kuppel nær Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoums gate. Abu Dhabi er ein storby – og ein stor by. Eit kompakt fotgjengarsentrum manglar heilt og transporten er konsentrert rundt privatbiltrafikk. Det er butikkar over alt men den “seriøse” shoppinga er konsentrert til gigantiske kjøpesenter, “malls”, med innandørs gater, underhaldning og restaurantar. Del av […]
A recent study trip with Avinet’s “corporate mother”, Asplan Viak, took me to Berlin in the company of about 60 merry colleagues. Following a similar experience in Turin, Italy, last year my expectations were split. Happy, as always, when thinking of the opportunity to enjoy evenings out in good company – but at the same […]
Above: My colleagues in Asplan Viak Internet at the top of Great Sugarloaf Mountain, County Wicklow, Ireland during our annual study trip. The sixth in the line of Avinet study trips was successfully executed from the 24th to the 28th of August 2007 with Dublin as a base for our activities. In addition to our […]
One would think, with the massive uptake of mobile technologies, that the public pay-phone would already have been made extinct in 2007. Why isn’t that so? I believe that one of the major contributing factors is the prepaid phone card industry. This industry largely targets people who wants to call long distance and can’t or […]
Acting upon an invite from friends and colleagues Olga and Rob of MDR partners I decided to make a detour to Prague for one day. The occasion was a workshop on the PSI directive and its consequence for reuse and creation of value added services in the private sector (or at least outside its original […]
During Easter week I had to go to London on a meeting to prepare a project proposal for the 7th framework programme. Simultaneously Avinet colleague and Vreid lead singer, Sture, was kicking off a mini-tour to launch their new CD “I Krig”. To my deep regret I had never heard Vreid play live before, despite […]