GIS training courses in ten minutes? A new series of fact sheets from claims teach […]
Above: the planet Earth, and with it; the Internet, as seen from the moon (“Earth-Rise” image […]
Etter å ha prøvd talrike gonger å få endra ei oppføring i Telefonkatalogen via noko så […]
The last few weeks FaceBook has spread like a wild fire througout Norway. The major newspapers […]
After having written on my homepage blogged for nigh on 10 years now I have come […]
Mi kjære mor har teke steget ut på verdsveven i ein alder av sytti-noko. Det er […]
Apparently I am hereby approved a lump sum pay of 685,000.00 Eruos (SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY […]
Having been working with ICT for the better part of 11 years now I feel I […]
With social networking sites ever on the rise, new problems arise with them. One of the […]
Halfbakery The place for your brilliant idea or the place where you look at other peoples […]