Short people got – no reason, short people got – no reason, short people got – […]
Iannis Xenakis, son av Clearchos Xenakis og Photini Pavlou, vart fødd inn i den greske diasporaen […]
Min gamle frende og svirebror Are Frode Søholt tok for fire fem år sidan initativet til […]
Toradaren har i Noreg ubrytelege band til gammaldansemusikk i 4/4 takt og med melodilinjer utan dei […]
Weird Al Yankovic creates the most ingenious parodies of concurrent popular music, additionally he composes brilliant […]
During Easter week I had to go to London on a meeting to prepare a project […]
Tractor driver chatting up woman from old Zetor-tractor at one of Zetor’s characteristic pub tables. After […]
Portuguese cuisine can be variable when it comes to quality but more often than not the […]