Eit knippe litt ukomfortable stoldesign som etter alt å døme vil kome til å korte ned tida ein brukar på unaudsynt småprat under forretningsmøte. Eg kjøper desse! Sjå fleire her.
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I don’t don’t believe in ghosts? I mean, I don’t believe in them during broad daylight when everything is clear to the eye. After sleeping alone in a large, old, haunted, wooden-building during a storm night some years back, I am no longer sure that I can say the same during night! I could hear […]
My father is a collector. Not in the sense that he collects specific items of particular actual or sentimental value, he merely accumulates things. Things that have no particular use or function but occupy a rather large and unseemly amount of space! For most people this eccentricity would not be significant as the number of […]
And possibly an even smaller step for man-kind. My foot on its way to do something its owner will surely regret at Linlithgow castle near Edinburgh. Photo: Mike Bell.
Eitt av dei store vegvala i livet: gudsteneste (til høgre) eller flakedans (til venstre) – frelse eller fortaping? Teke under friluftshelga i Hyen, sommaren 2007. Foto: Asgjerd Bergheim (
MY DEAR, I am Madam Laarni Enriquez, a native of Philippine nationality, and a divorcee. I would like to have a long lasting and confidant relationship with you,if possible entrusting my life time fortune into your possession,as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust,without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close […]
CONGRATULATIONS!!! (YOU HAVE WON) NATIONALE POSTCODE LOTERIJ.NLPROMOTIONS/PRIZE AWARD DEPARTMENTwww.postcodeloterij.nlVan Eeghenstraat 701071 AmsterdamKvK 41183598 RESULTS FOR CATEGORY “A” DRAWS Dear Sir/Madam, Congratulations to you as we bring to your notice, the results of the Second Category Draws of Nationale postcode Lotterij Int held on the 18th of September 2007. We are happy to inform you that […]
The character Doc Wilson in the film State and Maine introduced the world to the ill-forged statement: “never trust a man in a bow tie”. This entirely baseless statement has since been embraced by all those who due to lack of ability are forced to wear regular neck ties or, worse still, cannot even manage […]
Mr. Frank Vuzi52 Main Street RosettenvailJohannesburg, Republicof South Africa. Phone +27-73-890-5503 Good day, My name is Mr. Frank Vuzi, the son of Mr. Themba Vuzi of Zimbabwe. It might be a surprise to you where I got your contact address. Don’t be worried because I am contacting you in good faith. During the current crisis […]