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My name is Christopher Purchas QC. I am a Barrister and a member of the Queen’s Council (QC) working with the reputable legal firm – Crown Office Chambers in London United Kingdom. I am contacting you because i believe we can achieve a change of ownership to my late client. Late Mr.Mark Mitchell was a personal client of mine and I managed all his legal affairs.

As of today, I stand as a true custodian to the cash deposit which he made in a financial institute. I am faced with the task of getting someone with your matching profile who can be permitted to claim the fund. The amount in the deposit is $33,000,000.00 (THIRTHY THREE MILLION DOLLARS ONLY) and the finance house is ready to release the money to whoever I present as the true fund beneficiary and next-of-kin to my late client because my late client accorded me with a Letter of Authority (Power of Attorney) duly endorsed in the British High Court of Justice when he made the deposit, to act on his behalf in times of his absence and inability to act and I was his legal advicing councellor on the deposit and other issues.

The finance house where my client deposited the fund currently demands that I quickly provide a beneficiary for the fund because the deposit duration has expired and needs a renewal or withdrawal from their company otherwise it will be handed over to the government. This is the reason that I decided to contact and do this deal with you so that we can get the money out whether you are truly related to my late client or not.If you feel we can sign out the funds together, do send me your phone and fax number, full contact address and I will call to give you the details of the deal and send you the relevant transaction documents.

Pls get back to me with your private email address.


Christopher Purchas


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