Mike Kamara, only surviving child of late Elvis Gada Kamara

Dear Sir,

I am Mike Kamara a and the only surviving child of late Elvis Gada Kamara who traded in gold and diamond before his assassination during the Sierra Leone civil war.My Father , mother, and two brothers were assassinated and burnt beyond recognition by rebels after looting cash, diamonds and gold from my family but somehow spared my life and that of my brother were spared.

I am contacting you in respect of the sum of $10,500.000.00 deposited by my late father in a security company before he died. This money is part of money he realized from the sales of diamonds and gold by him. I got your contact on a notepad details that a previous user forgot to delete on the pc I am using on the internet this morning and having been convinced from your profile that you are capable of handling a transaction of this magnitude, I decided to entrust you with this great task.

My father told me and my elder brother JULIUS KAMARA (who died on the 17th of December 2006 due to poor medical attention resulting from my inability to buy prescribed drugs for him) about these deposits with this security company in Ghana, and when we came to Ghana after his death we found the security company and I confirmed that the three boxes containing $10.5M each were still in their safe custody.

Due to our refugee status, we were not qualified to claim the deposits, in July last year we contacted one MR. DUNCAN KOMENDA from Canada to help us in claiming two of the boxes that contained $10,500.000.00 each so that he will send us $10,000.00 to enable us secure traveling documents to join him in Canada and my late brother issued him a power of attorney which qualify him to claim the boxes, but when the first two boxes were handed over to him, he disappeared and that is the last we heard of him. since we were now unable to claim the last box.

The last box containing the remaining $10,500.000.00 have remained under the custody of the security company here in GHANA

Note that my late father deposited the money with the security company as family treasures for safe keeping so the security company is unaware that the actual content is cash.

What I require of you to do for me now is your agreeing to this proposal and I will contact our lawyer to issue you with a change of ownership to claim the box from the Security Company as the new beneficiary and owner of the last consignment. (I beg for your utmost HONESTY assuring me that you will not betray me when the box is handed over to you.).

I agree to give you 35% of the $10,500,000.00 and the balance 65% will be mine and you will assist me to secure new documents that will enable me to travel down to join you in your country and further my education.

Please in your reply include your;




As these information will be required by the lawyer to draft the new change of ownership which once I send the copy to you, you will have authority to instruct the security company to deliver the consignment to you as the new owner.

Once I get your reply, I will forward you all documernts of proof and also a copy of my Identity.

Best Regards,

Michael B. Kamara