Being located in a remote part of the North Atlantic and having a population of 43 000 citizens are not the ideal conditions for a prosperous society, yet that is what the Faroe Islands are!!!! They have everything; two airlines with frequent departures to London, Aberdeen, Reykjavik, Billund, Copenhagen and Oslo; 48 (!) municipalities with […]
An escape from a busy spring in Norway took me and my two companions to Northern Jütland for a few days in order to catch up on an idea of old that had been left to be just that, old,  for too long… There is a little but nontheless unsuitable video snipplet from this trip…
Dragør is a small and unremarkable place compared to many of the great sights of the world – however – the beautiful yellow painted houses, the narrow streets and the good general atmosphere make you feel that you have landed at a pleasant spot all the same… The reason for my visit was attending a […]
We were running a little late for the ferry back to Norway and had to catch the train. I gave everything I had and jumped after my companions onto the train that was already moving. The only small problem was that the train was moving south – and the ferry was quite a bit to […]