You can try a search at Google for Bergheim or if you’re after the german city of Bergheim you’ll find that at the page www.bergheim.de. The French village of Bergheim in Alsace is available at http://www.visit-alsace.com/bergheim. Should you be after the norwegian car dealer Bergheim, they are available at www.bergheim.no.
If you are not in any way acquainted with me I suggest you skip the written part of this site and jump directly to the photo gallery (opens in new window). From the posts/articles you might find the “Places” and “Nigeria Letters” interesting. In the event that you’re after information about me try the about […]
As most homepages I suspect this one will primarily be visited by myself. In order to expand the number of potential visitors I have chosen English as the master language for the website. This has so far proved to be highly UNsuccessfull! However – as history has shown that those who are in minority seldom […]
Good question. Due to the the pride we Norwegians take in our language, it is not necessarily a good thing to be too intimate with the Danes. The thing is that I was too late to the party and was beaten to the domain registration by the Norwegian car retailer and importer, Bergheim A/S, with whom I […]