London, Brighton & Cambridge (England)

London, Brighton & Cambridge (England)
After a day of strolling the parks around the Cambridge colleges I sat down in a decent looking pub to have a meal. While waiting for my Chicken Tikka Masala i downed three pints of Strongbow Cider in order to reinstate a healthy water balance… Another two followed during the rather strong meal and when I arose from my seat some one and a half hour later I realized that I was not just a little tipsy and had to spend another hour in the pub awaiting to become sober.


For reasons unknown (and uncomprehendable) me and three friends decided that 2002 was a good year to go abroad on an expedition in addition to the annual august fishing trip which we usually spent in the mountains back home where we were born and grew up togehter.
This radical new thinking didn’t materialize itself into anything until suddenly one day Håvard was on the phone all excited about a business meeting he had scheduled in London in August. He went all administrative on us and started to fill up our e-mail inboxes with well meaning information about travelling to London (spam).
As the day of departure came closer we experienced a light version of what Judas did to Jesus during the last rites. Two of our company slipped away – just like that – without any further explanation they simply cancelled. However; back there was me and Håvard. This was bound to be a success!


London is as dusty and dirty as it always was but still magically attractive to any person born in the slightly more quiet Norwegian country side.



Since the Prince Regent (later King George IV) first visited Brighton and Hove in 1783, his fantastic seaside palace, the Royal Pavilion, with its Indian domes and minarets and its Chinese style interior, has become a landmark not to be missed. And, thanks to his influence, some of the finest examples of Regency architecture in England can be seen in Brighton and Hove.
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