Rain coming in at Bluff Beach

I am one of those people who may be found in the shade of at the back of the beach, complaining to everyone willing to listen about everything that others generally like about beaches.

I burn at the slightest hint of sunlight; the accursed sun lotion gets in my eyes and stings like original sin; the sand that sticks to everything always finds its way into the house and from there invariably into my bed.

However, on occasion, when mother nature offers up a helping of rain to wash clean the slate of the sunburned, overheated and sand-covered tourist, life can be good. Very very good.

And unlike home in Norway, it can be enjoyed with the certainty that there will be sun again in an hour…

Ollantaytambo: The Perfect Stopover in the Sacred Valley

I had booked myself into a small hotel in a village called Ollantaytambo (Ollanta), of which I had no knowledge and few expectations.

Low expectations constitute a favourable starting point for any village hoping to exceed them but are entirely wasted on Ollantaytambo. This village, and its surroundings, are brimming with Inca fortifications and constructions that rival nearby Machu Picchu.

To others who might find themselves similarly lacking in knowledge, I willingly stake my reputation (albeit of modest value) that it would take a hard soul not to find Ollantaytambo a worthwhile stop on the itinerary to Machu Picchu – and it would take a sad one to regret it afterwards.