Ben Eze, senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and accredited financial attorney to the Late General Mohammed Gumel

I got your particulars in the world wide web here in Nigeria, due to my quite to help my good client . It is a matter of urgency in writing you this secret and confidential business letter as advised by one of my client and I have utmost belief that you will receive it without any mix-feelings.

Do not be surprised that we have not met before and you did not know me at all. I am Barrister Ben Eze, a senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and accredited financial attorney to the Late General Mohammed Gumel and his family who recently died of hypertension in a German ospital.

As a private attorney/legal adviser to this late General’s family, I was immediately contacted by his eldest son to help him and his mother to take care of their late father’s assets to avoid being subject to probe by the new Civilian government because Late General Mohammed Gumel served in most of the past military administration even held important position such as Minister of commerce and trade and he is also part of the highest decision making body (A.F.R.C) After the stock taking of his properties, we discovered two suitecase stored in a strong room inside his underground mansion which amounted to US$35.5M (thirty five Million, five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars).

Base upon this discovery, I was hurriedly mandated to use my long legal financial knowledge to help them send this cash out through diplomatic means to any reliable person who would hold it firmly and help them invest part of the fund into a profitable business such as real Estate manufacturing company in any part of the world, they do not want the present government to be aware of this discovery.

Because if the information gets to the authority, it will spell doom for them and they will surely loose the money and possible loose the entire asset left behind by their late father. This money (US&35.2Million) been taken out of this country, to a neighboring West African Country called GHANA, where the cash are now deposited in a security vault (AFRICA SECURITY COMPANY ACCRA, GHANA). The cash is inside a tightly sealed two trunk boxes awaiting further direct dispatch to JAKARTA-INDONESIA OR AMSTERDAM-HOLLAND, NEW YORK CITY, USA Please help the family to receive this money (Consignment) INDONESIA, AMSTERDAM-HOLLAND OR NEW YORK CITY USA. We have a fool-proof, hitch free, and risk – free plan to use Diplomatic Courier Services to forward the Consignment down to JAKARTA-INDONESIA, HOLLAND OR USA.

The Deposit Clearance Certificate Document will be given to you after I hear from you. As a result of my last meeting with the entire family of the late General Mohammed Gumel, that you required to come down to Ghanna Republic were this money are been kept, to discusse how we can use the fund for investment purposes, That they have finally ,resolved to compensate you with 30% of the total money, 60% for me and the family 10% will be enmarked for any expenses incurred by both parties. Please, I solicit with you to keep this business private and confidential until I hear from you because the personalities involved would not like any form of exposure. I await your immediate reply through my Private E-mail Address:


Barrister . BEN EZE