Throughout the years commerce has expanded to ever new areas and at the time of writing we are sold more stuff we don’t need than at any previous time in history. Useless products are an expression of prosperity, peoples ability to buy in ample quality what they do not need. They can afford this because they have job titles like the ones below (all real-world examples):

  • Ministers of progress, Aspen Tree Software
  • Animation sceptics, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Imagination officer, Gateway 2000
  • deputy director of anything
  • the vice president of retirement

All in all; job titles have faced a major change through the later years… People who used to operate the till became “customer service representatives.” Janitors changed into “custodians”. Trash men turned into “sanitation engineers”. Then janitors demanded to be known as “custodial engineers”. It is all very confusing!

If you are interested in finding your own future job title I found this article which could be interesting to you:

  • Is your agency struggling with a reorganization? You can help by finding your own job title, using this simple guide!

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