Cranshaw & Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin, Wicklow Mts & Port Laoise (Ireland)

Cranshaw & Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin, Wicklow Mts & Port Laoise (Ireland)
As we drew nearer Cranshaw Farm Cottages, the amount of dead pheasants in the road increased inversely proportionally to the distance between the houses. In my mind dangerously close to the prefect setting, this was not the outskirts of nowhere – this was in the very middle! [Photos]


As with most business trips there is nothing much to say about the contents of the days; they were mostly spent in meetings. The nights however; the nights were a completely different issue!


Starting off the meeting in a relaxed fashion we left Norway one day early to go down to Dave’s place near Duns an one hour or so south of Edinburgh.





There is definitively something pleasant about Dublin. Despite the traffic jams and the large amounts of tourists it has managed to maintain some of its integrity by keeping it a city without a cityscape. Heather arranged accomodation for us somewhere which seemed to be equally close to Wales as to Dublin city centre; an excellent allthough slightly dislocated hotel carrying the unsuitable name Dublin City Holiday Inn

Wicklow Mountains

[ (Stein) Runar Bergheim, 4 . 2.Fri, ]