Ford Sierra 2.0 CL 1998 – 2004; Eulogy to a (trustful) Companion!

Ford Sierra was bought by its second owner in 1998, it was 10 at the time and had spent his childhood in the hands of an owner who – except from fitting it with a most unsuitable styling set – cared for it with fatherly love. Thus ended the happy days of Ford Sierra.

In the course of its life, Ford Sierra brought his new owner to numerous destinations, over hill and under hill, through mountaneous and desolate lands, through rural and urban areas, on-road and on rare occasions even off-road. But everything comes to an end.

Ford Sierras death was brought on by his owner. Thrilled by realizing that the car could get by on practicly no oil at all, the owner started experimenting to see if it was possible to make the car stop using gas as well. Water for the cooling system was completely off marks, likewise brake fluid and gear box oil.

Remembering good old days, the late 80’s and its previous owner, Ford Sierra carried on living for a while, feeding on the memories of past glory. However, in the end, 6 years of systematic neglect and failure to carry out even the most obvious maintenance operations eventually got the better of it. On the 3rd of December 2004, it was left to its fortune outside a car dealer in Kaupanger. The last thing it saw, before its clouded front lights, was the smug, unrepentant smile of its previous owner, as he seated himself in a Peugeot 406 and sped away.

Rest in peace old friend.