Fun & facts

Alcohol isn’t too healthy nor is it entirely in line with Islamic faith. It is therefore not to be marvelled at that alcohol commercials are kept discrete in the United Arab Emirates. However, some of the attempts at discretion would perhaps have been better left untried. The one above I find to assume a naivity […]
“38 Vintage Conversation Rules | The Art of Manliness”
And what is more, my tailor is Santa. In fact, there are so many Santas in his area that he is Santa A.
“Many people ask us why we call the green turtle the green turtle. And we always tell them that we call the green turtle the green turtle because the green turtle is … green” — quote from a tour-guide at the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve I have a hard time to believe that they […]
An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. — Niels Bohr
I have always been amazed by the enormous selection of seemingly identical bread/proteine combos sold by literally every hole-in-the-wall shop in the United Arab Emirates. The food photos are all identical; most probably from a clip-art library. The names of the monstrosities do however show some minor variations – the “Club Random” being one of my favorites… After all, who wouldn’t […]
Harmony Music Art and Karate Training Center
It would be entirely wrong to blame Omanis for their lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Their grouping of business offers leaves a few questions unanswered though…
Neither the instrument nor the repertoire came as a shock. That she was an Asian man came as a surprise though, I had always thought of her as an American.
Today the Times of Oman informed its readers about the scary level of technical sophistication shown by cutting-edge criminals in the Omani capital…
I don’t don’t believe in ghosts? I mean, I don’t believe in them during broad daylight when everything is clear to the eye. After sleeping alone in a large, old, haunted, wooden-building during a storm night some years back, I am no longer sure that I can say the same during night! I could hear […]