When you really want to celebrate!

When you really want to celebrate!
There are events and occasions in life that calls for celebration. In my own humble oppinion rugby is not to be found in this number, but it isn’t so for everyone; according to the Mirror a welsh rugby fan was so convinced England would win over Wales in this years six nations rugby tournament, that he said he would separate from his abilty to reproduce, in the odd event that Wales won over England. And then they did.


Feb 8 2005, By Richard Smith

A WELSH rugby fan chopped off his testicles after his country’s epic victory over England.

Geoff Huish, 26, was so convinced England would triumph he told friends at a social club: “If Wales win I’ll cut my balls off.”

They thought he was joking but he went home after the match, severed them with a knife and returned to show his mates what he had done.

Staff dialled 999 and put the testicles in a pint glass filled with ice cubes.

Geoff was “seriously ill” in hospital yesterday with his family at his bedside.

He will need cosmetic surgery and may be given a prosthetic scrotum.

Another fan who was with Geoff at Leigh Social Club in Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan, said: “He came back later wearing a kilt with his testicles in a bag.

“He lifted the kilt up to show everyone what he had done. There was blood everywhere, it was terrible. That’s when he collapsed.”

Another club-goer said: “We’re all in a state of shock, no one can believe what happened. He must have been in terrific pain.

“It was amazing he could walk the 200 yards from his house back to the club.”

Police said Geoff had a history of mental problems.

“The incident is closed as far as we are concerned,” a spokeswoman added.

A family member said: “Geoff’s had his problems in the past but has been on medication. We’re just grateful he will live.”

Dr Ian Banks, of the Men’s Health Forum said: “This is a horrific injury. There are so many veins down there, I’m surprised he didn’t bleed to death.”

In Saturday’s game, Gavin Henson kicked a late penalty to give Wales an 11-9 victory – their first win over England at Cardiff for 12 years.
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