On sunday the 29th of may 2005 I had a visit from some friends from Germany and we decided to bring them for a full day car trip into the mountains, even though the weather wasn’t really all that great. We started off in the direction of Luster (hey, that is the name of the region – what can I do?) and found that the tourist season hadn’t really kicked in yet.

I mean – what good is it to me that we have the oldest stave church in the world sitting on the other side of the fjord once the ferry is running only once a day and seemingly only in one direction?! What good is it to me that we have a spectacular mountain hotel once it isn’t open for lunch. What can I do with a nicely wood carved hotel on the other side of the mountain once they can’t serve us dinner? Right: I can go to Lom and have “eat-as-much-as-you-like taco buffet”.

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