[Article version of presentation delivered at the INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum in Lisbon on the 27th of […]
2007 was the year when Facebook, unfortunately, made it’s way into to (un)conciousness of most Norwegians. […]
It is the third of December, it is a dark and cold winter’s morning in the […]
Following up on my previous searches conducted in May and August this year, here are the […]
The media is overflowing with criticism of past events and explanations of how it was inevitable […]
The Bishops Meeting, part of the management of the Church of Norway, has decided to alter […]
Back in May I posted my Google search results for people’s feelings towards Facebook following a […]
Those who have had the pleasure of visiting Rio de Janeiro have inevitably also seen the […]
It shouldn’t be humanly possible, and yet I have managed to do it! Within a span […]
Dear Bastard, You may be surprised to read this letter as we haven’t formally been introduced […]