Fernando do Noronha (Brazil) 2005

The archipelago of Fernando Noronha is located some 360 km off the coast of Brazil outside the sandy shores and heavenly beaches of Rio Grande do Norte.

The island is no larger than that one could easily walk around it within a day but has a rich marine fauna and holds important habitats for such species as sea turtles and dolphins.

The nature of the islands is dominated by volcanic rock and sandy ground with open forrested areas consisting of low bushes and trees.
The people of Fernando do Noronha mainly live from tourism. They either run pousadas, restaurants, souvenir shops or they operate tour companies.

A restaurant worth visiting is Ze Maria which serves excellent food of world class – but be aware that the quality of the food comes at the cost of long preparation time. Add a little slow service on top of this and a lunch might easily take two hours.

The restaurant cum entertainment venue next to the church in Vila dos Remedios is an excellent place to kill an evening or two. The same goes for Bar do Cachorro which isn’t all what it is cracked up to be but still a pleasant place.

A self-service restaurant by the name of Flamboyant should by all means be avoided disregarding its favorable location.

Watching the sunset from Forte dos Boulderos or Praia do C… is unsurpassed in natural beauty and will serve to keep you warm in winter nights to come.