Asplan Viak Internet with new website

It is often said, without erring, that the worst web sites belong to web designers. While Avinet, my company, is not into web design it is close enough for the old web site to have brought considerable shame to the name.

It has been about a year and a half since we stopped updating our old site, awaiting the release of our O’ so great, ever soon-to-arrive, highly sophisticated, new web site.

It might not revolutionise the web, but it does pack some neat features with more to come in the near future. Some of the most important considerations for the web site design were:

  • Well-structured navigation
  • Easily available search
  • Keyword search (auto-tagging)
  • Employee technology blog
  • RSS content syndication
  • Bi-lingual content
  • Distinctive color scheme
  • Tidy layout
  • Careful selection of graphics

Please have a look for yourself at The site is all developed using the content management system FullXML where all layout is done through XML/XSLT.