I won in the lottery – again (and again)!

Apparently I am hereby approved a lump sum pay of 685,000.00 Eruos (SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE THOUSAND Euros) in cash credit file ref: ILP/HW 46704/03 from the total cash prize shared amongst Eight lucky winners in this category

However, it also says in the mail that I am not supposed to tell anyone just yet… So forget I mentioned it will you…


  1. Kaio


    runaaaaaaaar,mann,how lucky you are man, Diogo told me that you won the lottery, man it’s great,so, congratulations for this,and if you want to donate me, that’s absolutely no problem 🙂

    bis später, see you.

  2. Diogo


    Hey i dont know if this message will apear on your index but.. i wanna congrat you for the lucky play on lottery, and dont forget the friends ok? wanna donate? ask for my acc no.

    heuhe just kidding

    be careful, in brazil most lottery winners dont get that luck on life. hope you take a good care about this money

  3. Diogo


    oh yes man.. sorry ahueihuaehuiahe

    in that way i shoulda win 200 milions of eurios on spam msgs…

    but either if you want to donate something to me… just something, money, pair of socks that you dont like that much, or a cap, tennis ball, used bullets, a bacalhau sample, put some snow in a bag and send to me, rain water from norway..

    hauehuae i do accept! dont forget money is included in the wishlist

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