"Slamming" at A Tasca Tequila Bar in Lisbon

Shooter!A Tasca Tequila Bar is little more than a hole in the wall, located in a narrow street in Lisbons Barrio Alto district. Still, this is where I find myself coming back to every time I visit the city.

At A Tasca I usually find myself drinking Tequila slammers. A Tequila slammer, for those who aren’t familiar with the idea, is equal parts fizzy drink (7-up or similar) and Tequila poured into a shooter glass. The drinker then uses his hand as a lid on the glass, slams it violently on the bar counter so the thing stirs properly and downs the content in one fell swoop while it is still fizzing!

Slamming is a remarkably efficient and painless way to consume a bottle of Tequila and get you in the right mood for a night out on town!

Of course, A Tasca has a lot more to it than shooters. They prepare a mean Caipirinha (cachaca, sugar, lime and ice) for those who have fallen in love with the Brazilian national drink, or a Caipiroska (substituting cachaca for vodka) for those who have bad experience with the aftermaths of sugar cane rum.

This little bar is also a salsa place. While I am not a dancer (by a good margin) I enjoy the latin music and rythms as a backdrop for drinking and as a starting point for a good night out on town in Lisbon!