These are eleven comedies that I feel comfortable recommending!

  • O’ brother where art thou: a modern take on the Odyssey
  • Four weddings and a funeral: the hassles of getting married or not
  • Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery: James Bond gone hippie
  • Austin Powers – The Spy who Shagged me: Who does number two work for
  • Austin Powers – Goldmember: Smoke and a pancake
  • Monty Pythons’ The Quest for the Holy Grail: Watch the background as much as the foreground
  • Monty Pythons’ Life of Brian: What life may have been like around Jesus’ time
  • Hot Shots!: Top Gun rip-off
  • Hot Shots! II: Rambo rip-off
  • There’s something about Mary: carefull with the zipper
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: always bring a towel

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