Happy 2011!!!

Somewhat ironically, since I moved abroad three years ago, the number of posts written in English have gone dramatically down. In order to catch up, here follows my best wishes for a happy 2011– as well as a posthumous happy 2010 to you all!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years card which was not sent in the 2009!.

Blådalen and Fagredalen as seen from Fagredalsreset during late autumn 2009. This motive was “thrown” into our neighbors’ livingrooms during Christmas 2009 by brother Kjetil.


Season’s Greetings card sent to people I whose paths have, happily, intersected mine in 2010.


Storelva in my village in Western Norway as it looked at around midday on the 24th of December. This motive was the basis for the Christmas card “thrown” into our neighbors’ livingrooms the same evening.