[Article version of presentation delivered at the INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum in Lisbon on the 27th of […]
GIS training courses in ten minutes? A new series of fact sheets from MapIT.biz claims teach […]
After uplifting results in the late summer of 2010 I find that things have taken a […]
I haven’t conducted my love/hate Facebook search for a couple of years and thought that it […]
A brief visist to London in the end of June to attend the kick-off meeting of […]
2007 was the year when Facebook, unfortunately, made it’s way into to (un)conciousness of most Norwegians. […]
Following up on my previous searches conducted in May and August this year, here are the […]
 The anti-piracy organizations have a great challenge in trying to pass their message through to the […]
A recent study trip with Avinet’s “corporate mother”, Asplan Viak, took me to Berlin in the […]
Downloaded and installed the long awaited Windows Mobile 6 update for HTC-branded TyTN phones today. At […]