You mustn’t add anything other than perhaps a spot of water, or if you’re very adventurous – ice, to a single malt whisky, otherwise “it’s a waste of a good dram”. The unwritten rules for this initiation into the single malt fraternity are: Be prepared at the outset, to drink neat spirit, which may or […]
Cigar facts How to choose a cigar, how to cut it. How to light it and when and how to smoke it. This section provides the answers to these and more questions. Choosing a Cigar: The ring gauge of the cigar will give you a general indication of how full the taste is. The larger […]
Not many people wear bow ties today and even less know how to tie one – I have liberated this excellent article on how to do this from another website… 1) Place the bow tie around your neck, situating it so that end “A” is about two inches longer than end “B”. 2) Cross end […]
Wine FAQ & facts Which glass, what temperature for which wine and in what order. Should the wine be decanted and aerated? Information gathered from the Internet gives one answer… In what sort of glass should I be serving wine? Tulip-shaped or inward-curving glasses allow you to swirl, tilt and get at the bouquet effectively, […]