Cigar facts

Cigar facts
How to choose a cigar, how to cut it. How to light it and when and how to smoke it. This section provides the answers to these and more questions.
Choosing a Cigar:
The ring gauge of the cigar will give you a general indication of how full the taste is. The larger the ring size, generally, the fuller, smoother, cooler, and slower the smoke will be. Ring gauge is the standard set to measure the diameter of a cigar. 64 ring is equal one inch.
Cutting a cigar:

The cap or the head of a handmade cigar must be cut before lighting it. You can do this with a cigar scissor, guillotine cutter or a punch cutter. The guillotine is recommended for the most effective cut. Make sure not to cut the entire cap off, because this could damage the wrapper.

Lighting a Cigar:

Lighting the cigar is an art that will enhance the enjoyment – by using a slow, two-step process you can ensure that one side of the cigar will not burn faster than the other side. Step one: Hold the cigar horizontally and rotate it in the flame to evenly warm the end. Step two: Put the cigar in your mouth. Keeping it still in a horizontal position, hold the flame only to the tip of the cigar, and draw slowly as you continue to rotate.

When to Enjoy a Cigar:

Premium cigar lovers are known for their appreciation of food, wine and liqueurs. One of the best times to offer a cigar is after a meal, with dessert, coffee, port or cognac. Other great times to enjoy your favorite cigars include: while walking the dog, during or after business meetings, while commuting to and from work and basically just any time you’re looking to enjoy the relaxation and fulfillment provided buy a fine cigar.

Smoking a cigar:

Cigars are meant to be savored and appreciated for the taste, the feel, and the aroma. Don’t rush it. Smoke slowly. Avoid too much puffing, and remember – don’t inhale. If your cigar extinguishes itself, it is proper to relight it within one to two hours. Any later than that, it will taste stale.
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