During my three trips to Iceland I’ve had an exceptional dinner at Sjávarkjallarinn every time. The name means sea food cellar which is an excellent description of what we’re dealing with. The restaurant is located in a dimly lit cellar in downtown Reykjavik and is fitted with a modern yet comfortable interior design. The food […]
The 2006 Avinet study trip: Returning to Iceland for the third time made it no less of an experience than the previous visits. Iceland is wilderness, it is raw nature, it is hot springs and it is a busy urban community – all at once.
Iceland has more to offer than Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon and Geysir. On this trip I was introduced to northern Iceland and its richness in cultural heritage, its people and their excellent humor. Add a geothermically heated pool in the court yard of the hotel and “throw in” a couple of bottles of whisky as […]
Air planes aren’t very spacious; at least not if you are condemned to be seated in “peasant class”. There’s always the seats by the emergency exit which provides a little extra room for my feet, but almost as if by magic these seats are always taken by extraordinarily small people… The trip to Reykjavik reminded […]