Haarlem (The Netherlands) 2006 A brief visit to the Netherlands to give a presentation at a conference brought me to Haarlem, near-by neighbor to bustling and sinfull dutch capital Amsterdam. With a busy schedule only enough time was left for me to conclude that Haarlem was a most agreeable and idyllic city which is an […]
Groningen (the Netherlands) 2005 A meeting in the Geoshare project took me back to Groningen to meet our friends and colleagues in the Province of Groningen and CAB. Flying in through Amsterdam the Norwegian delegation also took the opportunity to take in the sights of the dutch capital on the weekend before the meeting started. […]
Groningen & Amsterdam (The Netherlands) The Dutch offer a most pleasant contrast to the world of distillery tours. While both the Scottish and the French proclaim that the making of respectively Whiskies and Cognacs is more than just work to the people in the industry – it’s art – the Dutch take on a very […]