Groningen & Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
The Dutch offer a most pleasant contrast to the world of distillery tours. While both the Scottish and the French proclaim that the making of respectively Whiskies and Cognacs is more than just work to the people in the industry – it’s art – the Dutch take on a very different way of looking at things! Quote “we do not produce the alcohol ourselves. We buy it – that is cheaper. It comes in through the pipelines you can see there [in the roof] and comes into the automatic botteling machine over here. Then we have twenty employees packing the bottles in card board cases. [Photos]
Where: The city of Groningen, northern Netherlands. The city of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. What: Business Meeting in the GeoShare project. Accomodation: City Hotel, Groningen. Radisson SAS City Hotel, Amsterdam.
[ (Stein) Runar Bergheim, 1 . 1.Wed, ]

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