When you enter into a crowded area like Liseberg and find a brilliant business concept (an eat-as-much-as-you-like pizza buffet) completely deserted it should ring a bell somewhere. It didn’t until it was too late.
The south western part of Sweden; just in the swedish end of the Öresund bridge, lies Vellinge kommun and the Söderslätt region.The gently curving, almost flat farm lands provides a beautiful setting for tourists and project meeting attendees to stroll around – enjoying the arrival of the Scandinavian summer and the tranquility of country life; […]
Gothenburg (Sweden) – 1/2004 The Swedish “North Sea Coast” hosts many great sights – allthough the landscape has a definitive shortage of relieff. The north sea is a region which is defined as an important arena for political cooperation, and it was thus that I found myself landed in Gothenburg to attend a meeting with […]