Brighton beach was positively crowded with people. By the time we had made our way down to the seafront and gotten into the water we heard the first strike of thunder. In shorter than no time the beach was empty except two norwegians who couldn’t find anywhere to get dressed without getting everything completely wet
It is isn’t very useful to describe London very thoroughly as so many people has their own relationship to and perception of this city. My own view of London is coloured by old movies and tv series where the main characters reside there. Bertram Wooster in Berkley Square, Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street and Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel. A city where people dwell but rarely anything is ever done.
What I find most pleasant when in London is to stroll along the Thames river or take a walk in one of the parks in order to marvel at the enormous contrast between urban grey and natural green. Also shoppingwise London has almost everything – allthough not everything is cheap! As I grow older (or grow up as some would say) the only goods I care for are tin whistles, books, wine and whisky. As import regulations kind of limits my possibilities as a wine buyer, books are a good option – and loads of them are to be found in various book stores and markets around London.
Brighton (and Eastbourne)
What brings you to Brighton? Bathing, language academies, entertainment and a large number of other good er semi good reasons. The English Riviera offers quite a lot to its tourists. The possibilitiy of frying in the sun on Brighton Beach might appeal to some and appal others. I belong to the latter group and prefer a walk along the South Downs – a mountain range stretching from Eastbourne, westwards and to the north into the forrests and wood lands.
The university city of Cambridge has a uniquely relaxed atmosphere with large parks and forrest areas sourrounding and enclosing the different colleges and school grounds that make up the city centre. Punting on the river Cam seems to be a popular activity on a lazy day.

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