Situated in the region of Northumbria between the Scottish border and North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne has a population of 266 000 inhabitants (2006) distributed over roughly 112 square kilometres. The settlement dating way back to the romans, the city owes its name to a castle built by the Normans in the year 1080. Locals refer to themselves as Geordies. Local eccentricities include the wearing of mini-mini-skirts outside in winter.

Final conference of the North Sea Cycle Route project

Good colleague and well-loved project manager Eli Viten brought me along to the final conference of the North Sea Cycle Route – Cycling On project. My role was to deliver a key note introdcution to the web site developed for the project by my company.

This project has been a great challenge both in terms of technical and practical issues. The concept of trans-border mapping in a seven country environment has taught me a lot. As has the task of developing a web site in a democratic, user driven manner aiming to serve 68 different partners of highly varying demeanor and hew.

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