Oppgradering av flysete posthumt!

British AirwaysEi kvinne på veg frå Delhi til London døydde under flyturen. Flyselskapet, British Airways, var ikkje budde på denne eventualiteten og visste ikkje anna råd enn å oppgradere henne til businessklasse.

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The body of a woman in her seventies, who died after the plane left Delhi for Heathrow, was carried by cabin staff from economy to first class, where there was more space. Her body was propped up in a seat, using pillows.

The womans daughter accompanied the corpse, and spent the rest of the journey wailing in grief.

Paul Trinder, who awoke to see the body at the end of his row, last week described the journey as “deeply disturbing”, and complained that the airline dismissed his concerns by telling him to get over it.