My first mobile-Internet-enabled camera

Palm M105 (1999/2000)Back in 1999 my “mobile computing platform” consisted of a Palm Pilot with a grayscale screen and a larger-than-life Nokia mobile phone with an onboard modem. These were communicating via an infrared link.

As I was about to go on holiday one summer I found that it was possible to get a camera adapter to be attached to the Palm M105 (see photo) which could take up to 24 photos with near VGA resolution!!! I just had to have it.

Having managed to secure a working device by considerable sweat-of-brow and long-distance phone calls, my intent was to cause massive envy among my friends by sending them holiday photos as e-mail attachments from my camera/Palm/Nokia device. I did, they became envious and I, consequently, became very, very happy!