Calvi harbour, Corsica It shouldn’t be humanly possible, and yet I have managed to do it!

Within a span of three measly weeks I have managed to have one camera stolen and another one lost! Maybe it is a sign that I ought to stop taking photos?

If by any chance you’ve found a Canon IXUS 400 in the international departures area at Oslo airport Gardermoen, I would be much obliged if you would give it back to me. But I suppose that’s a lost cause.

However, this could be an appropriate moment to introduce the first outputs from my very, very cheap replacement camera bought at Corsica last week where companions Harald, Øyvind and I went for spring holidays.

5 thoughts on “Two out of two in two weeks

  1. I don’t think you should stop taking pictures, but may be stay away from the drinks. Have a nice summer.. Elisabeth

  2. Drinking would have been a favourable way to explain how my cameras got lost, however, I fear the explanation is much worse and entirely irreversible: age.

  3. hey man, i changed my email, and msn too, also orkut has changed, accept me in that add requests and write my mail…

    so… you are having alcoholic amnesia and doing things you dont remember while drunk? hehehhe, be careful, thats the way that a friend of mine became father =D




    best regards!!

  4. ah!
    btw… ive been robbed again, this time, 2 guys came with guns and asked for money from the store of daddy… they stolen my favourite tennis, my documents , my celphone, my bag, and principal, the car.. the ecosport one! but founded undamaged…

    dont think that be robbed a camera without seeing any angry man with a gun on your head pressing you and taking all your favourite staff is the wrost thing in the world!

  5. On the topic of alcoholic amnesia I feel it is necessary to clarify a bit! That i lost my cameras on account of too much alcohol consumption is purely a product of Elisabeths imagination gone haywire.

    On robberies: I think it is fair to say that you have been victim of your share of armed robberies by now Diogo! It is simply too much bad luck for one person! It is not much to brag about to loose a camera or two – compared to having everything stolen from you at gun point three times!!!

    Stand and deliver!

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