I have always been amazed by the enormous selection of seemingly identical bread/proteine combos sold by literally every hole-in-the-wall shop in the United Arab Emirates. The food photos are all identical; most probably from a clip-art library. The names of the monstrosities do however show some minor variations – the “Club Random” being one of my favorites… After all, who wouldn’t […]
A recent study trip with Avinet’s “corporate mother”, Asplan Viak, took me to Berlin in the company of about 60 merry colleagues. Following a similar experience in Turin, Italy, last year my expectations were split. Happy, as always, when thinking of the opportunity to enjoy evenings out in good company – but at the same […]
During my three trips to Iceland I’ve had an exceptional dinner at Sjávarkjallarinn every time. The name means sea food cellar which is an excellent description of what we’re dealing with. The restaurant is located in a dimly lit cellar in downtown Reykjavik and is fitted with a modern yet comfortable interior design. The food […]
Tractor driver chatting up woman from old Zetor-tractor at one of Zetor’s characteristic pub tables. After visiting Helsinki’s tractor pub Zetor, named after the Czech tractor brand popular during the Cold War, my interest for Leningrad Cowboys came to life again after years of slumber. The pub, owned by Aki Kaurismaki, was decorated with Zetors […]
Portuguese cuisine can be variable when it comes to quality but more often than not the neglect is on the consumers part if he finds himself landed in a poor restaurant. Quality is everywhere, just waiting to be explored. Barrio Altos many gems include the restaurante O Faio, an excellent although a bit touristy restaurant […]