Hamburg, Cuxhaven & Bremen (Germany)
Allthough the Germans are open minded and friendly people I can’t help but think that the sight of me and Ivar Petter cycling un slightly undersized bikes in our slightly oversized suits must have been the single most stupid sight to be seen in northern Germany in the summer of the year 2003.


A number of times when I have been travelling around, I have been stopping off at Hamburg Airport and some times I have been forced to stay over which has given me the opportunity to see small parts of the city as well. Both the good end and the bad.
It seems that the areas east of the Railwaystation are the retirement homes of the Reperbahn prostitutes – something which says something of the standard. The central areas of the city are quite nice allthough somewhat drained of cultural history architecthurewise since most of the city was bombed during WW2.


Bremen is a very nice city which is dedicated to St. Peter the gatekeeper of heaven. Followingly the town embelem is a key


Attending a small conference called a Directoria – which is a partner search conference – I went to Cuxhaven a small tourist villlage on the North Sea shore of Germany. On my way there I passed Himmelpforten (heavens door), a station on the railway between Hamburg and Cuxhaven.

[ Stein Runar Bergheim, 7 . 1.Tue, ]

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