The New Year was kicked off with a bonfire, Champagne and entry-level fireworks in accordance with the latest Norwegian law on pyrotechnics. (From right to left: Natasja, Kjetil and Asgjerd).
Two thinkers thinking! Myself (left) and a dromedarian at a camel farm on the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain road, Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Photo: Mike Cheremshynskyi)
More and more unknown people lay claim to their fifteen minutes in the limelight. Today two of them could be seen on the front page of my local newspaper “Sogn Avis”. Under the headline “Rare Breed”, they are shown in something which allegedly is a wrestling pose. I’m not a prejudiced man, but there’s something […]
In a scruffy-looking alley, more suitable for red-light activities than high-tech communication services, colleague Jostein Fondenes found the beautifully spartan (and on the occasion closed) hole-in-the-wall ‘OKIN Internet & Call Centre’. While this establishment may not be a cornerstone of the Laoise economy it brought warm feelings to old time, call centre enthusiast Jostein (photo).