I often curse at the unwelcoming climate in Norway in the interval of time between November and February but, as a compensation for freezing, atleast we have snow. What is the “�%&/ point of winter in Luxembourg, or any other non-skiing city in the world?

Starting the year off in a slow manner, business didn’t bring me abroad until 2007 was nearly four weeks old. Having had my say on Luxembourg previously, I won’t add much. The trip refreshed the memory of Luxembourg specials I’ve long tried to forget such as:

  • the “dwarf-sized” aircraft between Copenhagen and Luxembourg (no offence to little people, used for the want of a better descriptive term).
  • the near absent arrivals area at terminal B at Luxembourg Intl. Airport, reminding me of a down-scaled version of a rural Norway airport.
  • the hideous pricing of (mediocre) accommodation by the Gare
  • the unavailability of GPRS on my smart phone when roaming with Norwegian teleco Telenor contracts
  • the under-dimensioned, part-responsive WLAN at the Jean Monnet building at the European Centre.

However, amidst the grimness caused by the above list, there were a few good men and women in town at the time. Some friendships of old, others more fresh and some right out new. This made the trip over-all agreeable anyway.

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