Prague: One day of PSI and spring

Acting upon an invite from friends and colleagues Olga and Rob of MDR partners I decided to make a detour to Prague for one day. The occasion was a workshop on the PSI directive and its consequence for reuse and creation of value added services in the private sector (or at least outside its original scope),

The workshop was interesting showing a wide variety of differing oppinions on what is the problem, what is the solution and even if there in fact was a problem at all!

Possibly even more interesting was finding myself in the spring sun of Prague on the banks of Moldau just by the Charles bridge in excellent company. Prague is the place to drink beer and so we drank beer it is also the place to eat big meat and so we ate big meat.

Prague is really only a hop away from Oslo, 2 hours flight. That is no more than I spend going from Sogndal to Oslo. However, it could be noted that day-trips to Prague aren’t advisable!