London: Business and Black Metal

Vreid, the original norwegian Black MetalDuring Easter week I had to go to London on a meeting to prepare a project proposal for the 7th framework programme. Simultaneously Avinet colleague and Vreid lead singer, Sture, was kicking off a mini-tour to launch their new CD “I Krig”.

To my deep regret I had never heard Vreid play live before, despite having known Sture for nigh on 10 years! Thus it was that we set off to the famed black metal stage Underworld in Camden, north London.

It was a great experience although certain elements of the audience caused a chill down my spine! Black metal artists are excellent performers and theatre people, it is the the Cathy Bates’es on the front row you need to look out for!

Also a distinctively unsympathetic door man with dreadlocks was reluctant to let me and colleague Gunnar Urtegaard into the concert in the first place due to our deviant and non-black appearances.