8 000 rpm clothes drier

The Clothes DrierI spotted the ‘Clothes Drier’ at an electric appliance store the other day. This aptly named machine aspires to dry your clothes in a more efficient way, but I wouldn’t throw away my tumble-drier just yet.

The Clothes Drier consists of a vertical cylinder mounted on a tripod with an electrical oven about fifty centimeters above the floor. On top of the cylinder there are several horizontal arms for clothes hangers extending from the cylinder. The cylinder above the oven rotates.

The air stream caused by the rotation combined with the heat from the oven below speeds up the drying process.

Powerful 8000 rpm motorWhile this may well work, I am considerably more worried by the label on the package saying ‘powerful 8 000 rpm motor’.

Sounds like lift-off, a fire accident and a severe test of your insurance company’s waiver policy all in one. Almost like a Kinder surprise.